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Make an Impact, Raise 4 the Brave

Due to COVID-19, veterans with PTS may experience amplified symptoms of depression and isolation. Our goal of $50,000 will provide funding for 250 sessions of aquatic therapy. Every dollar will be matched up to $50,000 by the Yontz Valor Foundation.

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$50,000 goal

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Mission Statement: Wave Academy's mission is to help active-duty military and veterans heal from post-traumatic stress through our unique, research-based program of warm water therapy. Our service welcomes caregivers to support whole family wellness.

History of Organization: Wave Academy was founded in 2010 on the premise that warm water therapy has the power to heal and transform the lives of those effected by post-traumatic stress. Wave Academy sought to bring the benefits of aquatic therapy to underserved individuals who need help overcoming trauma, focusing on the veteran population in San Diego where the need to help veterans with PTSD is critical. A program that started with 60 participants has grown to over 600 individuals served.

Our Work: Wave Academy's research-based program, informed by Johns Hopkins University, created methodologies and assessments that provide data for measurement of outcomes.The healing warm-water therapy program includes 8 one-hour sessions of no-talk, drug-free, hands-on movement, massage, and stretching in non-chlorinated pools heated to 96 degrees. The temperature, stimulation, and closeness to the practitioner combine to induce a vulnerable yet optimistic state where clients can constructively and logically confront and address the underlying trauma that is the catalyst for their PTS sympotoms.

Our Goal: The Raise 4 the Brave campaign is asking for your support to help our veterans. Proceeds from the campaign will provide funding for 250 sessions to upcoming clients once we resume operations.

Our Match: All donations for the "Raise for the Brave" online campaign will be matched up to our $50,000 goal by the Yontz Valor Foundation. The Yontz Valor Foundation shares our values of assisting military, veterans and their families in the battle against and recovery from post-traumatic stress.